With Thanksgiving tomorrow, we wanted to share some helpful tips for all our health-conscious athletes and their families. 

  1. Eat the most important meal of the day. We're talking about breakfast. You don't have to eat a big breakfast, just something to get your metabolism going in the morning. Eating breakfast will help control your portions during your Thanksgiving meal! It will also give you energy for the day. 
  2. Start your day with the Turkey Trot! Getting some exercise in the morning or before your meal is a great way to burn some energy. If you can't find an organized event to attend, go out for a brisk walk, run with your family, or throw a football around for a bit!  It's important to have some non-food related activities. Keep us posted on any fun activities that you end up doing and share your photos with us! 
  3. Add those leafy greens to your meal and get some color on your plate. You're body will thank you later for satisfying it's need for nutrients. 
  4. Drink lots...of water! It's really important to stay hydrated and balance holiday drinks with water consumption. Staying hydrated will also help you from overeating! 
  5. Don't stress. Holidays tend to bring stress, so wind down and relax. A chiropractic treatment, acupuncture and/or a private yoga session will help keep you balanced this holiday season.  
  6. If you're traveling far, take lots of breaks and move your body. Travel smart to avoid any aches and pains. Simple posture corrections can prevent many travel related symptoms. 

From all of us at Charlotte Sports Performance and Rehab we wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving day and weekend filled with family, lots of rest, and health! Keep these tips in mind and come see us soon!