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SIX Benefits of Sports Chiropractic for Hockey Players

SIX Benefits of Sports Chiropractic for Hockey Players

With the Stanley Cup Finals happening, we're reminded of how much of a body contact sport hockey really is. Have you ever taken a look at a team's injury roster?! Look here at the Chicago Blackhawks' injuries: What about last night's game? We saw Tampa Bay Lighting's Ben Bishop was out. Bishop, was actually injured in Game 2 but played Game 3. He is "day-to-day" with an undisclosed injury. 

Here are Six Benefits of Sports Chiropractic for Hockey Players:

  1. Sports Chiropractic can help reduce painful symptoms of recurrent shoulder instability related to hockey injuries
  2. Sports Chiropractic helps aide the recovery of head trauma and concussions
  3. Sports Chiropractors help address the needs of players to optimize on-ice performance 
  4. Sports Chiropractors can help improve hockey players' strength, endurance, and range of motion
  5. Routine chiropractic treatment can help recover from contusions, which are a common form of injury found with hockey players, followed by strains, and sprains
  6. Chiropractors can help with post-game recovery from collisions that produce a significant number of injuries. 

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Photo Source: TSN.CA