As the cold weather months approach, it's important to place extra effort into taking care of your health and wellness. We've put together some simple tips on how to brush off the winter blues and keep your immune system at full strength. 

  1. Get adequate sleep. Try to sleep seven to eight hours a night. There's nothing more healing and more restorative for your body than a great night's sleep. Getting the right amount of sleep decreases depression and stress all while burning calories. 
  2. Treat yourself by getting treated. A Chiropractic and/or an Acupuncture session can boost the function of your immune system keeping you healthy. Plan ahead and schedule your appointments with us! 
  3. Exercise. Create a fitness routine for the winter and stick to it. Balance your cardio with strength and flexibility training from Yoga. Schedule a Private Yoga session at CSPR! 
  4. De-Stress. Acupuncture can boost immunity and lower your blood pressure, helping you wind down. Come see us for an acupuncture session to sooth away any stress that the winter and holiday season can bring. 
  5. Maintain a healthy and balanced diet. Eat "superfoods" and incorporate fresh produce into your diet. Try incorporating these healthy winter foods into your diet. 
    • Pomegranates and blueberries: Full in antioxidantes
    • Dark Leaft Greens: Kale, collards, and mustard greens are loaded in vitamins A, C and K
    • Sprouts: Broccoli, red clover, and letil are some examples. 
    • Citrus: grapefruit, lemons, limes, and oranges are all rich in vitamin C
    • Garlic Clove: Great for keeping the flu at bay 
    • Winter squash: A great source for vitamin A and C. Try spaghetti squash
  6. Add supplements to your diet. Fill in those nutritional gaps with vitamins. We have vitamin D3 +K, multi vitamins, and high quality fish oil supplements for your nutrition support. These along with other supplements available for purchase at our clinic to fit your specific needs. 
  7. Get involved in the community and help others. Increase your energy levels and improve your mood by focusing on something positive and fulfilling.