At CSPR we constantly remind our athletes to take their recovery seriously. A few months ago we introduced the RecoveryPump to our patients to further aid them in post training recovery. The feedback that we have been receiving has been great, and we are thrilled to hear that this new service that we offer is producing good results and meeting patient expectations. We encourage more of you to try it out. 

Schedule your RecoveryPump session for $20/session and find out how this amazing piece of equipment can take you on a speedy road of recovery so you can quickly get back to training harder!  

What is the RecoveryPump?

The RecoveryPump delivers active and medical grade compression therapy to help rid the muscles of fatigue, inflammation, and soreness. The RecoveryPump delivers an aggressive but very natural alternative to passive recovery for athletes. 

Benefits of the RecoveryPump for you

  • Quicker recover turnaround so you have stronger training days
  • Reduces risk of injury
  • Faster post-competition recovery, so you can get back to training
  • RecoveryPump can help give you a competitive edge

Join the "Recovery Revolution" and start pumping with CSPR!