This summer as many of you start to exercise more or take your indoor workouts to the outdoors, we want to remind you to be safe and take extra precaution. With exercising more outside and participating in various summer activities, we tend to see an increase in summer injuries. Our team at Charlotte Sports Performance and Rehab, has put together some reminders to help you BEAT SUMMERTIME INJURIES! Keep these in mind and enjoy the outdoors! 
BEAT DEHYDRATION – This happens when your body loses more fluid then you are taking in, and high summer temperatures speed up this process for athletes working out and training. Continually rehydrate with water and electrolyte replacement drinks. Try to drink 8 to 16 ounces of fluid for every 30 minutes of exercise. Also, try coconut water! 

BEAT INJURY – Don’t do overly challenging workouts in the outdoors. Take more frequent breaks and allow your body to rest and restore. If you are trying new activities and sports this summer, remember to prepare yourself for what body parts and muscles you will be using. Foam roll and perform your prehab exercises before you go out. Be mindful and listen to your body.  

BEAT HURTING FEET – We know its summertime, but avoid walk around in your flip-flops all the time. They don’t offer you enough support for your feet or ankles. Your foot has to work too hard to grip the sandal so it stays on your feet and you don’t trip. Find Sandals with extra straps and support. Be careful when wearing them for extended periods of time and long walks.  

BEAT KILLER SUNBURNS – Use sunscreens with a broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection and always remember to reapply! 

BEAT HEAT RASHES – Wear lightweight and breathable clothing when you are working out. Change out of your wet exercise clothing as soon as you can and shower. Remember that if your rash is a serious case, you will want to consult your physician. 

JUST BEAT THE HEAT! – The heat can cause heat stroke or heat exhaustion. Stay cool this summer and check the head index before you go for a workout. Check out the National Weather Service website

HAVE FUN! – Include a variety of activities and exercises that you enjoy. 

From all of us at Charlotte Sports Performance and Rehab, have a great summer!