You’ve been working your tail off and preparing for the big race. You may have heard some of this before, but here's a reminder of race-day tips for owning that 13.1!

Rest and relax in the morning: A trick is to prepare all of your gear the night before the race, so that you can take your time in the morning and worry less. Review what weather will be like and don’t overdress. A tip is to dress as if the weather is 10-15 degrees warmer than it actually is. Also don’t forget to attach your bib to your shirt!

Review Race Info: Read and review your race package or guide for the last time. (You’ll want to pick up your race-packet early). Make sure you know where the water stations are, where your course will have greater climbing, and where you can drop off any gear.

Don’t try anything new: Stick with the tried-and-true that has been working for your runs so far. This means don’t eat anything new, don’t wear a new running outfit or new shoes. 

Get on-site early: Arrive at the race site early so that you have time to warm-up, use the restroom, check anything in and of course park your car!  

Warm-up prior to the race: We can’t stress enough the importance of warming up to avoid injury or not finishing. Try the following for a warm-up:
5-10 minutes of light jogging to get your muscles warmed up
5-10 minutes of light stretching

Choose your own pace: Line up with other participants that are around your speed. Sometimes you can see pace signs to help you guide. Use the first five to 10 minutes of the race as your warm-up. 

Control your pace: You want to finish the race right? Remember to calm your anxiousness and not go out to fast. That’s one of the largest pitfalls in a 13.1. Run your own race! 

Keep going: Don’t come to a sudden stop at a water station. You want to make sure your muscles remain loose so they don’t stiffen or cramp. Keep walking or jogging while sipping your water. 

Cool-down at the finish line: Avoid sitting down immediately. Instead walk around and left your heart rate gradually slow down. 

Believe in yourself and have fun!

Recover with our help! After your race consider visiting Charlotte Sports Performance and Rehab for Compression Therapy. We’ll help you recover from muscle fatigue, inflammation and soreness.